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Services in and around Millerton, NY

We are proud to be able to serve you, our visitors and residents alike, and to be able to serve you in all aspects. When it comes to the many businesses that call Millerton home – you can find just about every service that you might need! Whether you’re looking to buy a house or need a contractor to fix one, or you need to conduct some banking and accounting, or if you need photos taken for a brochure that you also need designed and printed – Millerton’s businesses can help you with all of these things and so much more. Please see our full list of service businesses below.

Accounting Firms

Lopane & Co.

71 Main Street, Millerton, NY, 518-789-2727,

Auto Repair

Brick Block Auto Parts

12 Main Street, Millerton, NY, 518-789-3696

Millerton Service Center

52 S. Center Street, Millerton, NY, 518-789-3462


23 S. Center Street, Millerton, NY, 5189-789-7800,

Banking & ATMs

Key Bank

135 Rte. 44 E, Millerton, NY, 518-789-1000

Salisbury Bank & Trust

87 Main Street, Millerton, NY, 518-789-9802,



11 Dutchess Ave., Millerton, NY, 518-592-1226,

Over Mountain Builders


Community Services

Fire Department

24 Century Blvd., Millerton, NY 12546. (518) 789-4645

Town Hall

19 N. Maple Ave., Millerton, NY 12546. (518) 789-3300.

Village Hall

21 Dutchess Avenue, Millerton, NY 12546. (518) 789-4489.


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Design Services

Meta 44

5916 N. Elm Ave., Millerton, NY, 518-592-1370,

Thorunn Designs

52 Main Street, Millerton, NY, 518-592-1135,

Christopher Todd

34 Main Street, Millerton, NY, 518-592-1164,

Leslie Hoss Flood Interiors

11 Railroad Plaza, Millerton, NY, 518-789-0640,

Dry Cleaners

New England Dry Cleaners

149 Rte. 44 E, Millerton, NY, 518-789-4684

Fuel Oil

Crown Energy Corp

1 John Street, Millerton, 518-789-3014,

Funeral Homes

Scott D. Conklin Funeral Home

37 Park Avenue, Millerton, NY, 518-789-4888,

Gasoline Stations

Cumberland Farms

97 Main Street, Millerton, NY, 518-789-9060

Gulf Gas Station

Rte. 44 E, Millerton, NY


Duxbury & Hermans

66 Main Street, Millerton, NY, 518-789-3633

William Cole Agency

1 John Street, Millerton, NY, 518-789-4657


Downey, Haab & Murphy

87 Main Street, Main Street, Millerton, NY. 518-789-4442


NorthEast-Millerton Library

75 Main Street, Millerton, NY, 518-789-3340,

Lightning Rods

Associated Lightning Rod

6020 Rte. 22, N, Millerton, NY,

Medical Services

Caremount Medical Group

37 Century Blvd., Millerton, NYH, 518-789-4569

Musical Instruments

The Music Cellar

14 Main Street, Millerton, NY, 860-806-1442,


Rochambeau Farm

214 West Patent Road, Mount Kisco, NY
Phone: (914) 241-8090

Dominick Lopane, Jr. Landscaping & Excavating

700 McGhee Hill Road, Millerton, NY, 845-518-0632

Millterton Nursey & Garden Center

5600 Rte. 22 S, Millerton, NY, 518-789-3771


Ledgewood Kennels

639 Smithfield Road, Millerton, NY, 518-789-6353,

Millerton Veterinary Practice

199 Rte. 44 E., Millertonn, NY, 518-789-3440,

Pool Services

Four Seasons Pool Services

143 Rte. 44 E. Millerton, NY, 518-789-0591

Post Office

US Post Office

33 Century Blvd., Millerton, NY 12546. (518) 789-9093.


Moore & More Printers

17 Dutchess Avenue, Millerton, NY, 518-789-4508

Property Management

Max Properties



Dutchess Country Realty

5917 N. Elm Avenue, Millerton, NY, 518-789-6185,

Elyse Harney Real Estate

50 Main Street, Millerton, NY, 518-789-8800,

Steed Real Estate

9 N. Center Street, Millerton, NY, 518-789-3811,

Religious Services

Baptist Church

Main Street & Maple Ave., Millerton, NY

Methodist  Church

Main Street & Dutchess Ave., Millerton, NY

Presbyterian Church

Main Street, Millerton, NY


Amore Nail Spa

7 Dutchess Ave., Millerton, NY 518-592-1133

Chad’s Hair Studio

138 Rte. 44 E, Millerton, NY, 518-789-0007

Hair Modern

63 Main Street,  Millerton, NY, 518-592-1555,

Hylton Hundt Salon & Spa

199 Rte. 44 E, Millerton, NY, 518-789-9390,

Kiki’s Nail Salon

55C S. Center Street, Millerton, NY, 518-789-3900

Mane Street Salon

7 Century Blvd., Millerton, NY, 518-789-3484


Webutuck School

194 Haight Road, Amenia, NY 12501. (845) 373-4106.

Septic Services

Floods Sanitation

Rte. 22 N, Millerton, NY, 518-789-4678

Shoe Repair


41 Main Street, Millerton, NY, 518-789-3365

Television Repair

Dave’s TV

166, Rte. 44 E, Millerton, NY, 518-789-3881,