Welcome to Millerton’s Earth Day 2021. TOGETHER. APART.


Get Outdoors



Electric Vehicles


On this 50th anniversary of Earth Day we join Together to celebrate our world as never before. Apart. 


Climate Smart Community

In 2018, the Town of North East and the Village of Millerton jointly signed a pledge to work with hundreds of other Climate Smart municipalities around New York State that have committed to develop community-wide climate mitigation strategies and improve the sustainability of our communities. A Climate Smart Task Force was appointed and is initiating projects that will build environmental and economic resiliency: Chris Kennan, Town of North East Supervisor, Matthew Hartzog, Village of Millerton Trustee, Kathy Chow, Task Force Coordinator, Jennifer Dowley, Tom Parrett, Eliot Ramos, Andrew Stayman.

“The Climate Smart Community initiative holds such promise for our community. There are multiple grants available to help us find ways to avoid the flooding of our roads, decrease our energy expenses, increase economic opportunities and preserve the environment that we all hold dear. We’re delighted that our Climate Smart Task Force is launching Millerton’s Earth Day to start off the public phase of this work.” – Debbie Middlebrook, Mayor, Village of Millerton & Chris Kennan, Supervisor, Town of North East.

Birch Tree Giveaway

Free Native Paper and River Birch Bare-root seedlings for immediate planting

  • Choose from white peeling Paper Birch or wet/dry tolerant River Birch.
  • Pick up your seedling on April 25th, 10am – 2pm.
  • Curbside at Country Gardeners Florist, 5 Railroad Plaza, Millerton.
  • Limit 1 per family. First come, first served. 50 seedlings are available.

These native seedlings are a celebration of Earth Day 2020 to help replenish our natural world. They are a gift from the Millerton/North East Climate Smart Task Force.

Thank you for planting! Perhaps your seedling can be planted as a tribute to those who have suffered this spring from the impact of COVID-19.

Water Bottles and Bags Reduce Plastic

21 oz. Bottle: $15

18″W x 15″H Bag: $10

Bags and Bottles…available from our Shops

In celebration of Earth Day and beyond, Millerton merchants are offering for sale sustainably produced 100% cotton shopping bags made in USA AND completely plastic free double walled insulated water bottles!

With the plastic bag ban now in place and the Rail Trail coming to Millerton, our bottles and bags are the new essentials! Please support our valiant merchants! Contact any of these fine local businesses;

• Associated Lightening Rod  518-789-4603
• Buddhi Tribe 518-309-2454
• Country Gardeners 518-789-6440
• Cottage & Camp 215-844-5163
• 52 Main 518-789-0252
• Hair Modern 518-592-1555
• Herringtons 518-789-3611
• Irondale Schoolhouse 518-789-4619
• Irving Farm 518-789-2020
• Little Gates 518-789-3899
• Merwin Farm and Home 518-567-6737
• Millerton Antiques center 518-789-6004
• Montage Antiques 860-485-3887
• Northeast Millerton Library 518-789-3340
• Oblong Books 518-789-3797

Millerton Farmers Market… at a safe distance

Indulge in the bounty of Spring and support our local Farmers!

Saturdays 10am – 2pm
Main Street and Dutchess Avenue
One customer at a time

Sponsored by the North East Community Center

Get Outdoors

It’s a great time for walks and rides. Here, wonderful local ones, and gardens to visit post-virus.


A new pollinator garden is taking shape in Millerton. You can help!

On this 50th Anniversary of the first Earth Day Celebrate with the birds and the bees

Printout this Kids Activity kit

Reduce Recycle

“Where does THAT go ???”… and where does it go when we throw it “away”?

Printout this Recycling Guide from Welsh parent Royal Carting

Trashy Games for kids

Story of Stuff videos